English conversation at Natalia ‘s house 18th June 09

My current English class take a break for summer because the school  we use the room close, but we agreed to have English conversation at everyone’s houses. There are 5 people included our teacher” Jack”, so we will go to 5 houses.

Today is the 1st, we met at Natalia’s house about 7 pm. I left home 6.30 pm. because am sure will get lost and I did. Infact from my home only 15 mins. I can not find the sign name street , then I drove to the end of street and came back the same way again,but still did not see the sign. I called Natalia but it did not help me because I have no idea about that area. I called Jack, he almost there but he was coming back to take me. He is very nice. Finally, I get there. Thank you Jack again.

We met Natalia’s family ,her husband and 2 lovely daughters. She cooked Peru food for us was dilicious.

I told Darin will came back home about 8.30 pm. because he was waiting for me to have dinner but I was late about an hour. Anyway ,he ate already.

It was a good time. See you again at Ivette’s house next Friday.


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